What Is Thermogenic Booster?

woman in bikini tannedWhen searching for a weight loss supplement you may have come across thermogenic boosters, but you probably have no idea what they are or how they work and why they can be an incredibly effective way to burn calories and shed pounds.  What these supplements do is actually increase your body’s temperature, which burns more calories.  This is because when your body heats up it works hard to get the temperature back down to normal body temperature.

There are a number of different ingredients that are used in thermogenic boosters, all of which produce the same results by very different methods.  Caffeine is one of the most often utilized of the thermogenic boosters in the form of green tea or guarana because it has been shown in numerous clinical studies to increase thermogenisis and melt away fat.

Cinnamon and especially cayenne capsicum extracts actually heat up your body, forcing your body to burn calories and speed up your metabolism while trying to level off the temperature.

One of the newest and safest of the thermogenic boosters is synephrine, which comes from the citrus aurantium plant.  Unlike other thermogenic boosters like caffeine it increases your metabolic rate through thermogenesis and burns fat without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

Thermogenic boosters containing caffeine and other stimulants can have side effects such as those mentioned above, but they usually only show up the first couple of times you take them.

Others like cayenne or synephrine are completely safe and natural.  This type of supplement is great for people who do not exercise because it helps burn calories even when you’re resting or sleeping, but as with any supplement you will get the best results if you eat well and exercise regularly.

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