How to Stop Emotional Eating

how to stop emotional eatingEmotional eating can be a dieter’s biggest enemy.  This is because this type of eating is not about being hungry.  In fact, it is usually not about food at all.  Both negative and positive events can lead to emotional binges, which act as coping or compensatory mechanisms.

Eating food gives you comfort while you’re eating it, but this comfort only lasts for a moment.  It’s not until later that you feel bad about it, but by then it has already done its damage.  The problem now is that on top of the initial negative feelings, you now have the guilt caused by eating too much.  This can lead to a cycle of eating and weight gain that’s hard to stop.  There is no diet pill or supplement that can fix this problem, so it’s important to learn some tips to control emotional eating.

One of the most effective and popular ways that people use to control this habit is support groups.  Emotional eating is a very common issue in society, so finding support groups or people to talk to in your community or online is not difficult at all.  Sometimes all it takes is a person to talk to you about your problems that you can trust to stop emotional eating.

Another tip to help you stop is to write in a journal.  Write down your feelings and emotions 2 or 3 times a day.  This will help you to understand what leads to emotional eating.  This technique also goes perfectly with support groups or mentors.  If you have trouble saying things out loud, then you can just let the group or person read your journal and comment on it.  Many support groups are set up like this, with participants told to write their thoughts down during the week.

If you’re one of those people who find it’s almost impossible to talk to others, then maybe you should try exercise and physical activity to combat emotional eating.  It might be hard at first, but sports and working out at the gym have much the same initial effects that eating does.  The great thing is that there is nothing to feel guilty about afterward, and you end up getting in shape.  Any activity that takes your mind off of eating is a good activity.

Another great tip is to be careful when grocery shopping.  Never go buy food when you are hungry.  It’s also a good idea to have a list of things that you need before you go.  Don’t allow yourself to buy on impulse.  Populate your shopping list with healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods rich in fat.  If you don’t have unhealthy foods in your home, then it’s not possible to eat them.  It’s hard to eat too much broccoli.

You can get some help from weight loss supplements. Certain diet pills have appetite suppressants in them. The way appetite suppressants work is you take a pill, or it can be a liquid, about half an hour before your meal and it will fill you up. Certain appetite suppressant come in a form of liquid (read about Skinny Sprinkles here).

Getting your emotional eating under control is the first step toward a successful diet.  It will also allow you to get healthy and live longer.  The longer one eats emotionally, the more chance that it will develop into a problem that’s hard to fix.  One thing that’s definitely true: if you stop emotional eating you will be a much happier, healthier person, both physically and mentally.

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